Our expertise lies especially in restoration and renovation of built heritage. Typically, we act as principal designers and architects in projects together with other architects, engineers, landscape designers, conservators, or interior designers. Additionally, we conduct building historical research, which serves design, preservation, or city planning. We also work as consultants in other areas of built heritage.

Our aim is to understand and bring forth the intrinsic values in excisting architecture and built environments.

Our clients are typically in the public sector or organisations that govern public buildings. We work on project located in every part of the country as well as abroad; our most internationally known restoration design Vyborg Library is in Russia. 

We keep up with the international field of architectural restoration through our participation in organisations like Europa Nostra, The Getty Foundation and do.co.mo.mo. Members of our staff are also involved in teaching or delivering lectures in Finnish architecture schools.


We believe that understanding the problem and defining the task at hand are the most important steps of the design process, especially when working with existing buildings. We look at the building or built environment as a whole and first aim to develop an understanding about which changes are essential in order to reach the desired outcome – and which are not.

We prefer traditional building methods and applying the same techniques which have been used when the building was originally built. The solution is, however, always tailored to the specific situation. When newer materials or techniques are in order, we don’t shy away from them, but with the emphasis in making sure the result stands the test of time.

We believe that repairing and upkeeping existing buildings in ways that both uphold their architectural values as well ensure their health and safety, is sustainable.