Alvar Aalto, 1965

The library, completed in 1965 is part of the Aalto Centre of Seinäjoki, which is protected under the building protection act. Aalto centre is part of the range of landmark works of modern Finnish architecture approved by Docomomo and the inventory of nationally significant built cultural environments (RKY), compiled by the Finnish Heritage Agency.

In 2012, an extension (Apila Library) designed by JKMM Architects, Apila, was completed in connection with the library. The extension made it possible to restore the library designed by Aalto to its original appearance. Architects Mustonen Oy designed the renovation and restoration of the Aalto Library, which was carried out in 2014–2015.

Newer layers were demolished from the first floor of the library and the premises were restored to the original. Old surfaces and furniture were conserved. New public spaces and various teaching and research facilities were located in the basement, which was originally mainly used for storage. There, under the main library hall, a gallery space was also opened, with which the underground corridor from the Apila Library converges.

During the renovation, the building’s air conditioning, electrical engineering and heating piping were completely renewed. The aim was to bring the new technology to the library spaces as discreetly as possible, and the most visible change in the main library hall compared to the original is the narrow supply air gap in the lower branches of the bookshelves. Outside the building, renovation of facades, windows, doors and a copper roof were executed. The direction of the furniture renovation was also part of the architectural design work.

renovation and restoration 2014–2015
project plan, principal, and architectural design Mustonen Architects Ltd.
developer City of Seinäjoki