Jonas Cedercreutz, 1944-48

The renovation and extension of the Åland Maritime Museum, completed in 2012, was designed in cooperation with Kangas & Vuorinen Architects in 2008–2012. The architects of Kangas & Vuorinen won the architectural competition held in 2003 for the museum’s expansion. Architects Mustonen Oy has been responsible for the architectural design of the renovation of the old part of the project, as well as for inventory, documentation and building historical survey. The original museum building and its main interiors are protected by a town plan.

In the architecture of the Åland Maritime Museum features of functionalism are combined with themes of classicalism and even 1910s architecture. Architecture is enriched by personal references to shipping and the shape language of ships. The original exhibition hall is a tall space starring a bridge at the old main entrance, with impressive windows on two floors and a rotunda on the “bow” of the building. The exhibition hall is built around the Cecilie of Herzog’s captain’s cabin.

Based on Kangas & Vuorinen Architects Ltd’s competition proposal, the design continued in cooperation. The old museum’s plan included both reforms and restorative changes. The restaurant and exhibition halls and lobby’s protected by the town plan were restored. An underground connection was opened between the old and the new museum, and the internal traffic of the old museum was improved by two lifts and a new main staircase ascent. Offices and staff facilities, kitchen and wet rooms and technical building systems were renewed and connected to the extension. The terrace and balcony changes of the 1970s were replaced by new structures. The large windows of the museum halls were opened and renovated to give a view of the old exhibition hall to the sea and the neighbouring museum ship Pommern from the bridge. Taito Oy’s lamps designed by Paavo Tynell for the building were renovated and re-installed.

extension, renovation and alteration 2008-2012
architectural design and building historical survey of the old section Mustonen Architects Ltd.
principal and architectural design of the new section Kangas & Vuorinen Architects Ltd.
developer Åland provincial government