Hilding Ekelund, 1955

Bostads Ab Lönegropen is a housing company built in 1955, designed by architect Hilding Ekelund. The building is representing a typical 1950s housing design and is located in the old Herttoniemi district of Helsinki.

Mustonen Architects Ltd., in cooperation with the board of the housing company and the property manager, drew up plans for alternative ways for renovating the 1950´s wooden windows. The chosen method of implementation consisted of the refurbishment of all the original exterior frames and balcony doors. In the case of the apartment windows, the interior frames were replaced with wooden windows, following the original design, preserving as closely as possible the original detailing, but with double-glazed double-glazed units fitted in the new interior frames. The main change to the façade compared to the original was the addition of ventilation windows in the small bedrooms. In addition, the windows in the commercial areas on the ground floor at the end of the building were converted into fixed windows.

conservative window renovation and partial renewal 2018–2019
principal and architectural design Mustonen Architects Ltd.
developer Bostads Oy Lönegropen