Architecture Office Arto Sipinen, 1989
Mustonen Architects Ltd. + Verstas Architects + LOCI landscape architects, 2018 – 2021

In autumn 2018, we made stepped into new territory by participating together with Verstas Architects and LOCI Landscape Architecture in an architectural competition for the renewal of Espoo’s Cultural Centre, cultural square and their surroundings. Working on the competition was rewarding both because of the demanding but inspiring assignment and thanks to the team spirit of the excellent design team. On top of it all, we won!

The Espoo Cultural Centre is one of Arto Sipinen’s main works. From the beginning, it was important for us to maintain the values and characteristics of the building. The new and expanding functions required major changes, and we carefully examined the ways in which these changes could be targeted and where they would be most useful. Amongst other positive feedback, our competition entry received praise for how the existing building had been developed.

The competition work continued in autumn 2019, when the drafts were developed on the basis of a revised spatial programme. At this stage, the focus was on solving the challenges with the flow of people and traffic inside the building and in the immediate outdoor spaces. In 2020, together with the enlarged group of experts and engineers, we drew up a project plan for the implementation of the renovation and extension of the Cultural Centre. In spring 2021, the project was further developed as a mandate from the City of Espoo.

If implemented according to the winning competition proposal, Espoo’s renewed cultural centre would be a functional and inspiring multipurpose building serving different users.

architectural competition and further development of the proposal 2018–
building historical survey and architectural analysis 2020–2021

Mustonen Architects Ltd.
contractee City of Espoo