Geselius – Lindgren – Saarinen, 1901–1903

Hvitträsk in Kirkkonummi was built between 1901 and 1903 by architects Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen.  The Saarinen and Lindgren families originally lived in the national romantic main building, situated on top of a cliff next to the Vitträsk lake. In the low-rise Studio section connecting the apartments, there was a joint architectural firm. Gesellius’ original apartment was located in the Little Villa. Hvitträsk’s main building was museumised in 1971 and a restaurant was situated in the Little Villa. Hvitträsk is protected under the decree on the protection of state-owned buildings (480/85). Hvitträsk is also included in the inventory of nationally significant built cultural environments (RKY), compiled by the Finnish Heritage Agency.

Mustonen Architects Ltd. has worked as a restoration architect for Hvitträsk since 2014 and during this time has carried out all restorations and alterations to the site. The design has been based on a more detailed knowledge of the site and on the ongoing research at the site. The general principle of the restoration process has been that the design is largely carried out at the worksite stage in cooperation with the contractor. The scope of the restoration, working methods and detailing are specified as the structures can be opened. In addition to the design work, a building historical survey has been carried out on Hvitträsk and its separate buildings.

Major renovations carried out in Hvitträsk:

2021-2022 Restoring the west-facing terrace balcony of the south wing to its original outfit.
2019-2022 Restoring the south wing bathroom of the main building to its original outfit. Renovation of the north terrace retaining wall and its pergola structure.
2020-2021 Repair of all water ceilings in the main building.
2020 The restoration of the lead glass windows in the dining room.
2019- Renovation of the windows and exterior doors of the main building.
2018-2019 The re-masonry of the natural stone pillars surrounding the parking lot (originally a tennis court) and the renewal of the wooden pergola structures.
2018 Lowering the ground levels of the yard and a new parking space to the forest area.
2016-2017 Renewal of the studio skylights and renovation of the roof.
2016 Renovation of the south terrace retaining wall and the renewal of the pergola structure.
2015 and 2016 Renovation and tarring of the Little Villa and the related ice cellar and garage building and the log, shingle and board facades of the household wing.
2014 Renovation and tarrification of the shingle facades of the main building.

renovation and restoration 2014–
principal and architectural design Mustonen Architects Ltd.
contractee Senate Properties