Alvar Aalto, 1965

Designed by Alvar Aalto’s office, the campus of the University of Jyväskylä was complemented in the 1960s with the student house Ilokivi. Of the planned student facilities, only a wing part was realised, with facilities for student union activities, a bowling alley, and a smaller restaurant.

The Ilokivi has undergone numerous space changes and in the previous repair in 1995 almost all the original features of the interior were removed. In 2013, Mustonen Architects Ltd. started project planning for changes and repairs to Ilokikivi. The project was completed in summer 2016.

The most significant changes in Ilokivi were the modification of the multipurpose space on the ground floor to better serve theatrical, lecture and restaurant use. The student restaurant on the first floor was renewed and the functionality of the restaurant hall was also improved for public events. On the second floor, space was opened, creating a single multipurpose office to be rented out. During the 1995 renovation, a staircase built in the middle of the frame was demolished and the original staircase at the southwest end was restored to serve the entire internal traffic of the building.

renovation 2013–2016
project plan, principal and architectural design, Mustonen Architects Ltd.
contractee Jyväskylä University Student Union