August Boman, 1864
Façade alteration by Florentin Granholm, 1872

The National Mint of Finland (finished 1864) in Helsinki South Harbour was designed in the intendant office by August Boman. The façade structure of the building dates back to 1872 (architect Florentin Granholm). The building has been altered and repaired several times, but since the early 1990s the changes have been largely restorative.  At that time, the building was renovated for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ use.  The National Mint of Finland is protected under the decree on the protection of state-owned buildings (480/85).

Mustonen Architects Ltd. was responsible for designing and participated in overseeing the former mint building’s roof and facade renovation in 2012–2013. The design of the renovation started with a survey of façades and roofs, on the basis of which repair needs and working methods were defined. The main principle in the façade renovation was to renovate the building to match the 1872 appearance. Over the decades, the decorations and list profiles of the façades had lost their original form and their restoration required extensive research and reflection. The materials and working methods were kept as similar as possible to the original. The design was largely carried out at the worksite stage in cooperation with the contractor. The scope and working methods of the renovation were specified as the structures were opened. A restoration report has been submitted on the renovation of the building. Mustonen Architects Ltd. has also conducted a building historical survey of the National Mint of Finland in 2017.

roof and façade renovation 2012–2013
principal designer, repair, and alteration design mustonen architect ltd.
contractee Senate Properties