Numerous different designers, 1961–1986

In autumn 2007, Mustonen Architects Ltd. prepared a sector inventory of Vantaa shopping centres as a commission for Vantaa city planning.

Thirty shopping and business centres completed between 1961 and 1968 were the subject of the survey. The aim of the survey was to identify and highlight the characteristics of the architecture of the sites and their historical significance.

On the basis of the inventory, a publication Quality in the outskirts – Vantaa Shopping Centre 1961–1986 was prepared, which contains three articles and a presentation section of the sites. The articles examine the sites from three perspectives: The origins of shopping centres in the 1960s, From a rural municipality of Helsinki to the city of Vantaa in 1960–1980, and the Architecture of Vantaa shopping centres. Niina Svartström (formerly Vainio) was responsible for the graphic design of the publication.

sector inventory and architecture analysis, 2007–2008
published 2008
Mustonen Architects Ltd.
contractee City of Vantaa / Mikko Mälkki, Sari Viertiö