Alvar Aalto, 1926–29

Young Alvar Aalto – selected through an open architectural competition – designed a multi-purpose headquarter building for The Defence Corps of Jyväskylä between 1926–29. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the building was sold to the state and used until 1990s as an office building for the Finnish Postal Services.

The Jyväskylä Defence Corps Building (or sc. “State House”) was listed by the Act on the Protection of the Built Heritage in 1999. No major renovations were carried out, and the building was completely abandoned by 2009.

Conservation of this valuable property was particularly challenging due to its disrepair. The use of the building was prohibited due to collapsing hazard for years preceding the beginning of the renovation works. The discoveries made during the repair work rendered the task even more challenging.

Complete repair and restoration took place between 2016–2020. Over 400 new foundation piles were installed, and the building was partially dismantled to be built up again. The most important interiors and facades were restored or reconstucted.

repair and restoration 2016–2020
principal and architectural design by arkkitehdit mustonen oy
private owner