Sigurd Frosterus, Gustaf Strengell, 1904

Donated to the state by Amos Anderson in 1940, the villa has served as official residences for three presidents, Risto Ryti (1940–1944), Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (1944–1946) and Urho Kekkonen (1956–1981). After the death of President Kekkonen, Tamminiemi was opened as a museum in December 1987.  The original parts of the Tamminiemi economic building date back to 1904. The building was continued with the sauna building in 1956 (Kokko & Kokko Architecture Office) and with the swimming pool section in 1969 (Building Board, Matti S. Husa and Leena Kaitera). Tamminiemi has functioned as the Urho Kekkonen Museum since 1987. Tamminiemi is protected under the decree on the protection of state-owned buildings (480/85).

Mustonen Architects Ltd. worked as the restoration architect for Tamminiemi in 2014–18 and took care of all renovations and alterations to the site. The biggest renovation work during the period was the roof repair of the sauna in 2015–16. An additional challenge for the repair was the valuable interior surfaces of the sauna and swimming pool building. Since it was not possible to remove the wide paneling at the inner ceiling without visible damage, all repairs to the roof structure were carried out from above. The copper roof of the sauna was gently removed and was able to be returned intact after the renovation work on the roof structure. The arris gutter, the inner gutters of the water gutter and the new vacuum fan used pre-patinated copper-aged copper-year-olds unloaded from the roof of the House of Culture. A restoration report has been prepared on the roof restoration of the sauna. The façade renovations of the sauna building and the gazebo, located in the park, were carried out in 2017.

restoration design 2014–2018
Mustonen Architects Ltd.
contractee Senate Properties