Aarne Ervi, 1970

Mustonen Architects Ltd. composed a project plan for the renovation of the library and building history survey in 2009. Implementation planning continued in 2011, construction began in late autumn 2014 and the library was completed in summer 2016. In addition to building design, Mustonen Architects Ltd. has been responsible for the fixed furniture and fittings, shelving and signage. The furniture design was done in cooperation with Studio Olin. The renovation planning of the library has been carried out under the guidance of the Helsinki City Museum. During the renovation, the building technology was completely renewed, and the premises were modified to better suit the current activities.

The main changes were made to the 1st and 4th floors. On the west side of the first floor, the service desk, the newspaper reading room and the staff offices were reorganised and the lobbies were opened up to the park. On the 4th floor, the former music department and MikaWaltari Hall were enlarged and made more adaptable. The caretaker’s apartment was made available for staff use. The technical systems in all library premises were renewed and the number of public toilets was increased.

renovation and restoration 2009-2016
project plan, principal, architectural, signage and furniture design, building historical survey by Mustonen Architects Ltd.
developer HKR- developer