Alvar Aalto, 1970

Villa Skeppet in Ekenäs is a detached house, designed by Alvar Aalto’s office as the home of Göra and Christine Schildt, completed in 1970. After Christine Schildt moved out of the building in 2017, the foundation bearing the name of Göra and Christine Schildt began preparing for the transformation of the building into the couple’s home museum.

In 2019–2020, together with Landscape Design Hemgård, we prepared a building historical survey on the site, which mapped out the current situation, preservation, characteristics and values of Villa Skeppet and its yard. The survey was based on long-term inventories. Villa Skeppet’s building historical survey includes the planning history of the plot and the analysis of the yard, as well as addresses the exterior architecture, the interior, and the most significant building elements of the three buildings, which form the entirety of Villa Skeppet. The chapter on the current situation and history of the yard and garden included in the study was prepared by Landscape Design Hemgård. At the end of the survey, there is a summary of the values, architecture and special features of the building and the yard.

Villa Skeppet’s genesis has been excluded from the building history survey because it has been studied more extensively by Sanna Tegel, who wrote her master’s thesis and the book to be published in 2021.

building historical survey, 2019–2020
Mustonen Architects Ltd.
contractee Christine and Göran Schildt Foundation